Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Imouto is into anime. . .

Ok as the tittle says i was shocked to the fact that i suck at drawing, i discovered that while trying to make a manga, but looks like my imouto saw me drawing and then she wanted to make a draw on her own im gonna make a page here where i can show you guys all her draws here is the first one she made.

This is the original Pic: Ui-chan from Hoshizora e kakaru hashi

And this is her draw:

Tell me what you think in a comment, and see you guys next deculture. . . 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For my dearest readers

Well i was thinking that it would be more easy for everybody if they can get to read the doujins that i upload every time they want, so i open a sendspace account and im gonna give you guys the links so you can download the doujins and read them every time you want, here thay are:

1) Chibi Flan:

2) More Chibi Flan:

3) Not Over Yet Chibi Flan:

4) Little Girls Dance:

5) Rumia World:

6) I think We Drank More than we should have:

The links for the "Two by this side, three by the other side" saga will be posted later since i want to give you guys the full saga(3 Vol. and 1 Epilogue)

So i hope you like it, leave a comment and see you guys next Deculture . . .

I'm almost back

yeah as you can see for the tittle of this post, im back to the blog world but i will be less active, maybe because i have daigaku(college) and that keeps me busy almost all the time, or i wish it was that. . . ANYWAY from today i will be posting Touhou doujins, Anime reviews and random stuff like always.

Ok actually i was thinking on doing something since this post seemed more large in my mind. . .so im gonna leave you with the song that i have been hearing like 3 times almost every day

Then leave a comment, and see you guys next deculture. . .