Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two by this side, three by the other side

Ok today's doujin is about one of my favorite story about the relationship between Yukari Yakumo and Yuyuko Saigyouji, i hope you enjoy it, and leave a comment, i will be uploading the other chapter soon, so...see you guys next deculture...

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Rumia World

The doujin from today is about another story of what happens if you defeat Rumia, for those who have played Touhou Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil, they should know what im talking about, so enjoy it and comment.

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Touhou Youjo Rambu (Little Girls Dance)

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Usotsuki Lily Manga Review

15 year old Hinata Saotome is the normal cute girl who a month after entering high school is confessed by a hot guy named En Shinohara, at that exact moment Hinata though: “No way. For this guy, who looks like he’s out of a masterpiece, to confess to me”, then obviously she accepts his confession.
Later Hinata is on her way to tell her friends about his new and first boyfriend ignoring the fact that she had heard the name Shinohara before, when she gets to the classroom and tells the story her friends stay and shock and the first thing they say is: “That cross-dressing guy?”, at that moment Hinata remember that En Shinohara was known for attending school dressing as a girl.
After that incident Hinata tries to reject the confession already made from En telling him that she doesn’t want a weird man as her first boyfriend, En totally refuses that and tells Hinata that if she stays with him he will give up on cross-dressing.
After school is over Hinata and En (dressed as a guy) go home together, in the way En explains to Hinata that the reason he is a cross-dresser is because he really like girls or to put it in another way he already really hate men, so just by seeing his own reflection he can’t help but smash it, thus Hinata puts En in front of a mirror with his hands tied so he can’t smashed in an attempt to control him, but in the end that also fails.
Knowing that he can give up on cross-dressing En takes back his confession for the sake of Hinata, but in the end she can’t endure her feelings for En and tell him that she wants him, although she still hasn’t given up on making En stop cross-dressing.
This story unfolds with Hinata and her endless fight to stop En’s weird hobby, as well as the day to day that they spent as a couple and with their friends trying to enjoy the life to it’s maximum.  
This is an ongoing manga by Ayumi Komura; it’s a story of romance, comedy, gender bender and school life, I totally recommend this manga to anyone that enjoy a cute and innocent story about love and of course to those who like to laugh with the ironic situations of life.

Chibi Flan Vol. 3 (Not over yet chibi Flan)

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chibi Flan Vol. 2 (More chibi Flan)

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Chibi Flan Vol. 1

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A great friday...

Well the last friday sure was fun, i got to be in a BBQ, we and my friends have lots of fun and for the people who wants to know the type of food we enjoy check this picture:

For the people who dont know what this is (Maybe because of the bad quality of the camera, i should bought one though, this was with my cellphone), here in the plate we have: Meat, chicken fillet, sausages and buns.

If you like what you look then do the same send me a picture of your favorite food (reisk500@hotmail.com) and i will be posting a top 10 of them right here. then see you guys next deculture...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lets stars this...

Ok this blog is about everything i do, or what happens to me, i decided to create this blog after seen so many others out there like the blog of @kuuderestalker http://kuudere-stalker.blogspot.com/ , so i decided to create my own blog and share my thoughs with all the people interested.

First lets talk about the things i like...well this could be a little bit extense so im going to say that the things i like are in my full profile, but my top 5 would be: 1°Anime, 2°Games, 3°Music, 4°Friends, 5°Japanesse culture. 

I'm what you would call an otaku something that i dont regret, in fact i think is the greatest thing that could happen to me.

I'm actually a university student in the electronic engineer career, i have a family business a car wash that i run sometimes when i have free time and im bored.

Since this is the first entry im going to talk about some web pages that could be of interest, first one is http://mon0r.com/ wich is a news web site on the net wich is intended to show news about anime, manga, games and other related stuff; the second one is TAMUSIC http://tamusic.jp/ TAMUSIC is basically an amateur classic group of the maximun scale in Japan they play the music of game and anime such as TOUHOU, Higurashi, Kanon, Air, Clannad, FF, DQ, Miku, Niconico and more, if you want to see they latest video check out his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/violinpiano2 ; since i like to read manga and western comics im going to point to good pages; the first one http://www.mangareader.net/ the second one is http://www.jaynaylor.com/ where you can find furry tipe comics (some normal and some other +18 rated)

Ok this is the end for the first entry on my new blog, if you like it leave a comment, and then see you next deculture...just kidding hehe