Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Idolm@ster First Chapter Review

Since i saw the anounccement of the new animes for this season in the mon0r webpage(link to the webpage in the top) i couldnt get out of my head the idea of seen a new anime based in the well know game The Idolm@aster by Namco Bandai Games.

Now moving onto the anime i have to confess that i was a little disappointed at the begining, i mean probably this will be my favorite anime for this season, but i didnt like how they develop the story....well i really dont want to spoil it, so im just gonna say that my first though was that i was actually playing the game instead of the watching an anime <-----i actually mean this, then at the end all my worries and bad opinions just dissapear in the thin air (actually dont know why im being poethic here), anyway looks like the directors of this anime wanted to give us a sample of the game itself, but in the end games are games and animes are not games, so in the end this anime will be a normal one we have or heroines, our producer(this time with a face and a voice unlike the actual game) and lets hope we have lots of fun watching this anime, highly recommended for those music and cute girls lovers. 

P.S. in a side note my favorite Shoujo are Azuna, Miki and Takane; probably the *boing boing* factor.

Then i hope you like it, leave a comment(seriously leave one im starting to worry that there are no commnents), and see you guys next deculture....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou First Chapter Review

This season has bring us a lot of new kind s of anime, but for some reason i keep finding this funny "coincidences" in all the new animes, well its not like is a bad thing is more like is to give us what we want.

This time im gonna talk about Kamisama no Memochou an anime very catching that i recommend to those that like Moé Shoujos, drama, school life and slice of life.

First i have to say that i hope that you had already watched Gosick (yeah you the one reading this post), Kamisama no Memochou is probably the Gosick version for 2011, it has all the elements that we find and gosick: a healthy Shounen that comes to a different place(Tokyo) due to family issues, a group that act as the local police(NEET), a girl the same age and class as the shounen which make friend with him in an instant and finally i have to talk about the character that make this anime so interesting: a little Shoujo named Alice, she is a hikimori(NEET or person that lock him/herself in a place to cut his/her bonds with the outside world), she is the totally perfect MOE character, she is a Loli, a tsundere, she has a weak body, she can be scary and at last but not less important she is super smart (just like Victorique from Gosick).

Still i highly recommend this anime, and also the fact that the chapters are of 50 minutes (1 hour if you are watching it in TV), but no this is not a movie, is a full fleged anime of 12 episodes(well at least thats the normal for one season hehe), anyway the anime is catching from the moments of suspense to the funny moments you are not gonna regret watching this.

Then i hope you like it, leave a comment(seriously leave one no matter what it says) and then see you guys next deculture.....

Monday, July 4, 2011

True Story: The Litle Shoujo Ghost

I was thinking that my life was rather normal, then today something happen that made me realize that i have lot of tales about some "peculiar things".

First like the title says this is a story about what i think is a ghost living in my apartment; today i was rather sleepy because i had to wake up at 5:00 am to open the car wash, then at 10 am i was rather sleepy and for some reason i started watching the new anime Blade, but i got bored and turn my PC off then because of that i have a rather uneasy vampire related dream(im still regreting not seen some cute anime*sigh*), anyway the deal is that i was sleping side way and then i fell that the bed start moving on his own, i...well naturally i freaked out and get off the bed i take my phone and check out the time, 11:55 am (5 minutes to Lunch), then i ask the other members of my family if they had feel a earthquake, but they didnt feel anything.

I told them about my bed moving and looks like they had experienced some "peculiar" things too; then i realize that maybe my apartment is haunted.

Now for the explanation on why i call this ghost a little shoujo girl its very simple, first its because if the ghost can only move the bed then it has to be of little height, the next thing is that the gost is nice enough to wake me up when there are just 5 minutes to lunch so i figured out it has to be a girl, and thats how i came to the conclusion that the ghost haunting my house is a Little Cute shoujo Girl (Loli), i really hope that this is the case hehe.

Well i hope you like it, leave a comment, and se you guys next deculture...

P.S. all my storys are 100% true im not making anything out of pure imagination(i dont have time for that)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sacred Seven First chapter Review

First the opening was great and the anime looks awesome its definitely a must see this season, but it has all this funny plagios that im gonna tell you here, first check out the openning i mean seriously the main character riding a mini bike (Gintama)

Second well its not a mecha anime without a Gundam resemblance and that is the engagement suit of Kagami i mean they just switch the word mobile for engagement.

Third is the fact that Arma's armor well its ouvbiously a megaman armor...come on Arma transform his arm in a gun thats the most evident plagio and if you stil dont believe me check out this Megaman ZX Advent video about Grey Megamerge and take a look to his body and his resemblace with Arma's armor (watch the video from the 2:50 and forward if you dont want to spoil the game too much)

Well now that you have seen the video check out Grey's armor i mean iteven has the same two long things in his neck, can shoot bullets and have a round multi choice system like the one that appears in Arma's eye.

The nex thing is about the all chapter development the first episode was like, the pricipal mecha character adquires a awesome power then it goes berserk and start causing damage to the city, later a Kawai shoujo arrives and take our hero back to his senses making him more powerfull at the same time, then the hero fighst and destroy the very first enemy......well this sound a little familiar...oh right its the same development for the first episode of Kannazuki no miko, that is also for some coincidence a mecha anime.

But all this little innocent plagios just tell us one thing the Anime industry want to give us the viewers the best of everything thats why i recommend this anime to anybody.

Then i hope you like it, leave a comment and se you guys next deculture.....

Friday, July 1, 2011


 Today im gonna talk about a game that has changed the way i spent my free time, if you are a person who likes Music (mostly anime or Japan related music), and who likes game like stepmania or dance dance revolution, then this PC game is for you.

Osu! is the traditional "move to the rythm" game however this time we are not gonna move our body, we are gonna use just our hands, it sounds a little disappointing, but it is not, here im gonna show you some of my videos playing Osu! in all the three modes: Normal mode, catch the beat and taiko.

I have to say it but i suck at normal mode, mostly because i use a laptop and the touchpad isnt suitable for this, so if you are planing on play this game be sure to have a mouse....

I really love touhou songs and im really good at catch the beat mode, by the way sorry for the retry issue i just wanted to do it perfectly...

Here is the taiko mode a much more simple mode....but that doesnt make it less hard, anyway i use the Ievan Polkka Song by Hatsune Miku.....

And here is a list of all my songs untill the date in the tittle i hope you have the time to see all the video, and to play this game as well, it is free o play and have a lot of different songs suited for every person, also if you dont fing a Beatmap(songs) of your like then make one yourself, thats right you can make your own beatmap.

well guys if you like it then leave a comment and see you guys next deculture....