Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lets stars this...

Ok this blog is about everything i do, or what happens to me, i decided to create this blog after seen so many others out there like the blog of @kuuderestalker , so i decided to create my own blog and share my thoughs with all the people interested.

First lets talk about the things i like...well this could be a little bit extense so im going to say that the things i like are in my full profile, but my top 5 would be: 1°Anime, 2°Games, 3°Music, 4°Friends, 5°Japanesse culture. 

I'm what you would call an otaku something that i dont regret, in fact i think is the greatest thing that could happen to me.

I'm actually a university student in the electronic engineer career, i have a family business a car wash that i run sometimes when i have free time and im bored.

Since this is the first entry im going to talk about some web pages that could be of interest, first one is wich is a news web site on the net wich is intended to show news about anime, manga, games and other related stuff; the second one is TAMUSIC TAMUSIC is basically an amateur classic group of the maximun scale in Japan they play the music of game and anime such as TOUHOU, Higurashi, Kanon, Air, Clannad, FF, DQ, Miku, Niconico and more, if you want to see they latest video check out his youtube channel ; since i like to read manga and western comics im going to point to good pages; the first one the second one is where you can find furry tipe comics (some normal and some other +18 rated)

Ok this is the end for the first entry on my new blog, if you like it leave a comment, and then see you next deculture...just kidding hehe

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