Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kamisama no Memochou First Chapter Review

This season has bring us a lot of new kind s of anime, but for some reason i keep finding this funny "coincidences" in all the new animes, well its not like is a bad thing is more like is to give us what we want.

This time im gonna talk about Kamisama no Memochou an anime very catching that i recommend to those that like Moé Shoujos, drama, school life and slice of life.

First i have to say that i hope that you had already watched Gosick (yeah you the one reading this post), Kamisama no Memochou is probably the Gosick version for 2011, it has all the elements that we find and gosick: a healthy Shounen that comes to a different place(Tokyo) due to family issues, a group that act as the local police(NEET), a girl the same age and class as the shounen which make friend with him in an instant and finally i have to talk about the character that make this anime so interesting: a little Shoujo named Alice, she is a hikimori(NEET or person that lock him/herself in a place to cut his/her bonds with the outside world), she is the totally perfect MOE character, she is a Loli, a tsundere, she has a weak body, she can be scary and at last but not less important she is super smart (just like Victorique from Gosick).

Still i highly recommend this anime, and also the fact that the chapters are of 50 minutes (1 hour if you are watching it in TV), but no this is not a movie, is a full fleged anime of 12 episodes(well at least thats the normal for one season hehe), anyway the anime is catching from the moments of suspense to the funny moments you are not gonna regret watching this.

Then i hope you like it, leave a comment(seriously leave one no matter what it says) and then see you guys next deculture.....

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  1. Great review :) I have been pretty skeptical about this season's anime but you have given me hope for at least one series! :D I will definitely be trying this out now!