Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sacred Seven First chapter Review

First the opening was great and the anime looks awesome its definitely a must see this season, but it has all this funny plagios that im gonna tell you here, first check out the openning i mean seriously the main character riding a mini bike (Gintama)

Second well its not a mecha anime without a Gundam resemblance and that is the engagement suit of Kagami i mean they just switch the word mobile for engagement.

Third is the fact that Arma's armor well its ouvbiously a megaman armor...come on Arma transform his arm in a gun thats the most evident plagio and if you stil dont believe me check out this Megaman ZX Advent video about Grey Megamerge and take a look to his body and his resemblace with Arma's armor (watch the video from the 2:50 and forward if you dont want to spoil the game too much)

Well now that you have seen the video check out Grey's armor i mean iteven has the same two long things in his neck, can shoot bullets and have a round multi choice system like the one that appears in Arma's eye.

The nex thing is about the all chapter development the first episode was like, the pricipal mecha character adquires a awesome power then it goes berserk and start causing damage to the city, later a Kawai shoujo arrives and take our hero back to his senses making him more powerfull at the same time, then the hero fighst and destroy the very first enemy......well this sound a little familiar...oh right its the same development for the first episode of Kannazuki no miko, that is also for some coincidence a mecha anime.

But all this little innocent plagios just tell us one thing the Anime industry want to give us the viewers the best of everything thats why i recommend this anime to anybody.

Then i hope you like it, leave a comment and se you guys next deculture.....

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