Friday, July 8, 2011

The Idolm@ster First Chapter Review

Since i saw the anounccement of the new animes for this season in the mon0r webpage(link to the webpage in the top) i couldnt get out of my head the idea of seen a new anime based in the well know game The Idolm@aster by Namco Bandai Games.

Now moving onto the anime i have to confess that i was a little disappointed at the begining, i mean probably this will be my favorite anime for this season, but i didnt like how they develop the story....well i really dont want to spoil it, so im just gonna say that my first though was that i was actually playing the game instead of the watching an anime <-----i actually mean this, then at the end all my worries and bad opinions just dissapear in the thin air (actually dont know why im being poethic here), anyway looks like the directors of this anime wanted to give us a sample of the game itself, but in the end games are games and animes are not games, so in the end this anime will be a normal one we have or heroines, our producer(this time with a face and a voice unlike the actual game) and lets hope we have lots of fun watching this anime, highly recommended for those music and cute girls lovers. 

P.S. in a side note my favorite Shoujo are Azuna, Miki and Takane; probably the *boing boing* factor.

Then i hope you like it, leave a comment(seriously leave one im starting to worry that there are no commnents), and see you guys next deculture....

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  1. Hmm I think I will be watching it regardless as well. I have been waiting for a proper Idolm@ster anime for a long time so I think I will see it through :)