Monday, July 4, 2011

True Story: The Litle Shoujo Ghost

I was thinking that my life was rather normal, then today something happen that made me realize that i have lot of tales about some "peculiar things".

First like the title says this is a story about what i think is a ghost living in my apartment; today i was rather sleepy because i had to wake up at 5:00 am to open the car wash, then at 10 am i was rather sleepy and for some reason i started watching the new anime Blade, but i got bored and turn my PC off then because of that i have a rather uneasy vampire related dream(im still regreting not seen some cute anime*sigh*), anyway the deal is that i was sleping side way and then i fell that the bed start moving on his own, i...well naturally i freaked out and get off the bed i take my phone and check out the time, 11:55 am (5 minutes to Lunch), then i ask the other members of my family if they had feel a earthquake, but they didnt feel anything.

I told them about my bed moving and looks like they had experienced some "peculiar" things too; then i realize that maybe my apartment is haunted.

Now for the explanation on why i call this ghost a little shoujo girl its very simple, first its because if the ghost can only move the bed then it has to be of little height, the next thing is that the gost is nice enough to wake me up when there are just 5 minutes to lunch so i figured out it has to be a girl, and thats how i came to the conclusion that the ghost haunting my house is a Little Cute shoujo Girl (Loli), i really hope that this is the case hehe.

Well i hope you like it, leave a comment, and se you guys next deculture...

P.S. all my storys are 100% true im not making anything out of pure imagination(i dont have time for that)

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